Being on the Committee

Being on the Committee

If you’ve agreed to be on the committee for your Owner’s Corporation and your fellow owners have voted you in, your next step is to understand your responsibilities. After all, it’s an important role and carries personal liability if you’re negligent in your duties.

Generally speaking, the committee will:

  • Look after the day-to-day and administrative running of the body corporate
  • Make decisions on behalf of the body corporate
  • See body corporate decisions into action (providing they are lawful)

As a committee member you are expected to develop an understanding of the relevant laws and the code, comply with those regulations and to act in the Owners’ Corporation’s best interests.

Here are some of the things you’ll be responsible for:

  • Levies
  • Dealing with damage to common property
  • Ensuring both common and personal property is maintained appropriately
  • Dealing with maintenance issues such as blocked pipes and overhanging trees
  • Handling disputes with neighbours
  • Dealing with construction, building and insurance disputes.

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