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Case-Winning Legal Advice From Commercial Building Lawyers in Melbourne.

Keeping commercial building projects on track requires the tight control of many moving parts. There’s often architects, engineers, interior designers, subcontractors, developers and owners involved – and keeping everyone on schedule can be a tall order.

Getting advice on your project up front can save a lot of heartache later down the line.

We can:

  • Help ensure your interests are protected in your contract
  • Review project on a monthly basis to ensure things stay on track
  • Give advice on your processes to ensure you get paid on time every time
  • Ensure your contract doesn’t include any illegal terms
  • Protect you and your business & mitigate any potential legal risks
  • Ensure a fair and practical dispute resolution process.

Get paid on time, every time:

The Security of Payment Act is your best tool for getting paid but there are important timeframes and requirements for it to apply. We can help you with every stage of the process, protecting your best interests.

Free private tutorial on avoiding disputes:

The truth is, many builders expose themselves to payment issues and other disputes. We’ll let you know what you need to change or update to keep you safe from claims against you. Our private tutorials draw on years of experience of dealing with domestic and commercial building issues from the perspective of both the builder and owner, contractor, subcontractor and architect. If you’re interested in our free private tutorials, please contact us on
1300 556 140.

Dealing with disputes

Are you in need of a construction dispute lawyer? Most disputes can be solved informally, with both parties staying on good terms. But you need to act quickly and get good advice.

It’s vital to understand your true contractual position before you start negotiating – and that’s exactly how our team of construction dispute lawyers can help you. Otherwise you could inadvertently agree to something that weakens your financial or legal position – should you end up needing to involve the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Litigation is expensive, stressful and time-consuming and should always be treated as a last resort.

Here’s some of the disputes a construction dispute lawyer can support you with:

  • Disputes regarding value of works
  • Defects
  • Non-payment

Fronting up to VCAT

VCAT rulings are binding. We can make sure you’re properly prepared and your claim or response puts you in the best possible light. We can also help recover any monies awarded to you.

Free Consultation

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