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Commercial Building Advice: From The Ground Up…

Are you searching for a construction lawyer in Melbourne? Construction law is often complicated but vital for the success of your project. Commercial building projects usually involve a significant number of people who all need to be closely managed. Building contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, property developers and surveyors – there’s a whole host of partners to manage.

Failing to keep everyone on track not only costs you in interest and holding fees – it can also put your business at risk.

The main risks can be split into three areas:

  • What happens to your leasing deal if construction runs over time? How does your staff meet client demands without functioning offices? And what is the cost to your business if one of your executives needs to spend weeks or months in negotiation and legal proceedings?

  • This isn’t always a case of bad project management. Often it’s due to poor specifications, external factors or plain old ‘wishful thinking’.

  • This could be due to poor specifications, defects or incomplete work by your contractor.

Hiring an experienced construction lawyer is your best insurance

We can review your Commercial Building Contract before you sign to make sure:

  • You’re using the right type of contract
  • Your payment terms are suitable for the project
  • Your builder has the right experience for the job and doesn’t have prior disputes
  • Special conditions are included
  • You have appropriate insurance
  • There are good processes for managing variations included in your contract
  • You may rely upon the provisions of the Security of Payments Act in order secure any debt

Keeping your project on track

Everyone likes donning a hard hat and visiting the site to check on progress. But monitoring time and costs on the project is equally as important. Making sure everyone is working together is imperative.

Our team of experienced construction lawyers can assist you with monthly contract reviews or queries for a fixed fee, documenting any variations along the way.

Being up to speed on your project means we can quickly pick up when things are likely to go wrong and act rapidly to minimise the impacts of any complications along the way.

Getting on top of disputes quickly is the key:

Talk to us immediately if:

  • Your agreement with any contractor is breached
  • There are defects in the works
  • Your project is running behind schedule
  • The price escalates

We can negotiate with your builder on your behalf. In our experience, most disputes can be resolved with the right approach. Acting quickly is the key.

Most importantly, don’t agree to anything that may weaken your financial or legal position should you end up needing to take the dispute to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Escalating your case to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal:

Where there’s a substantial amount of defective works, delays, disputed variations, or where the builder has refused to allow you access to the building site, the best course of action is to make an application with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. VCAT has significant powers and their ruling is binding.

However, it’s crucial that your position is prepared to meet VCAT requirements so that you don’t face further delays and get all the damages you’re entitled to. Our team of construction lawyers can support you to maximise your chances of legal success.

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