Construction Disputes

The building of a house or structure requires considerable planning and agreement between all parties engaged in its development and completion. However, construction disputes often arise after a perceived breach of contract or failure cannot be resolved and this can lead to a serious loss of time, and potentially money as everything grinds to a halt.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are the law firm that you need when such a problem presents. Our area of focus is construction and building law, and this assures our clients of a team with considerable experience and knowledge related to the specific issues they face. We are not the kind of law firm that accepts every single client and case, instead we prefer to commit our resources to select projects so that we can give our full attention to them, and in doing so deliver a much higher level of service.

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Construction Disputes

When You Need a Construction Lawyer

In a construction legal dispute, your initial thought might be to seek out the known names in the law profession, those that have been around for decades and whose names are familiar to all. However, there is a strong argument for forgoing this route in favour of a boutique operation that commits all of their energy and resources into building and construction law only.

Having a team that is not shifting between different kinds of law on a daily and weekly basis means that there is a much more immediate sense of knowledge as well as the kind of clarity you need to put your mind at ease. Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are adept in all matters related to disputes, permits and contracts and are focused on providing advice that is of the highest standard.

While some will think of smaller firms and expect that efficiency is the order of the day, at Boutique Lawyers while we love to be efficient, we value effectiveness much more. A meaningful outcome is always our goal for you, and in building and construction disputes it is essential that you not only get the job done quickly but that it is done correctly and leads to a successful result for you.

Finally, those that are not yet building but planning to do so would do well to hire a law firm dedicated to building and construction because having a rock-solid contract in place that has been drafted, revised, reviewed and explained in terms of rights and responsibilities upfront is invaluable, and could potentially save you so much time, money and hassle later on.

Striving to Exceed the Highest Standards

Here at Boutique Lawyers, you will find a team that will be honest with you throughout the process and will work tirelessly to arrive at a successful outcome. Our win rate of 98% speaks volumes about our ability to deliver on the promises we make and so those that require a construction solicitor are encouraged to avail of our 30-minute free consultation.

With our team on your side, you can expect a quality service that strives to meet and exceed the highest standards and will commit to attaining a positive result for you. We look forward to discussing your case with you.

Boutique Lawyers is a top law firm in Melbourne that specialises in building and construction law. Our construction & property lawyers are well versed in handling disputes, permits and contracts. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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