Contract Dispute Lawyers

Everybody starts out a project with the best intentions in mind and heart. However, human nature often intervenes and creates problems that bring the two parties, or more, involved to an impasse, and suddenly things sour or a dispute arises that returns all eyes to the initial contracts. Those that find themselves caught up in such situations know just how difficult it can be to unravel the issues and find a clear path toward getting the project back on track.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are contractor dispute lawyers and our focus on building and construction law makes us the ideal choice for those whose building or construction projects have run aground. We don’t think of ourselves as separate from our clients. Instead, we take the approach of empowering you to win your case, and to this end, we will do our utmost to represent you to the best of our ability so that your interests are ultimately served.

We founded this law firm in 2012 with a view to delivering an alternative to the typical law practices out there. As such, we implement a fixed-fee pricing system, which makes our services, pre-litigation, easy to budget for and this simple solution ensures that neither we nor you must keep one eye on the clock while we work on the case. What’s more, we are results oriented and want to win for all of our clients, and so, if we do not believe that we can achieve what you want, we will not take on the case.

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Contract Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne

Why Specialised Knowledge is Best

So, while it might be impressive to say the name of the huge law firm that represents you, that does not necessarily mean that the team assigned to your case is the best in the business.

Something that does not exist on the same level as in major firms is the amount of staff turnover experienced by boutique law firms. This means, that when you choose contractor lawyers, having consistency in terms of those that work with and for you is vital to ensure that you get the results you want.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, our focus on the legal issues that apply to your building or construction, property or planning issues is complete, and our team is here working for you until we have delivered what we set out to. Having our team working by your side ensures that you get the kind of certainty a major firm cannot assure you of, and this is the kind of value that wins cases.

What’s more, working with a smaller team ensures you that little bit of extra transparency and a sense of being more hands-on in the process. Your contract dispute lawyer must have a thorough understanding of the case and having a closer working relationship with you that the team here at Boutique Lawyers can deliver makes the process much smoother.

Value Through Delivery of Exceptional Legal Practice 

Those that are about to embark on a project are also encouraged to retain the services of contracts lawyers, simply because having a contract that you are 100% certain of and understand is a quicker way to achieving what you want from the beginning.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we offer an initial 30-minute consultation free of charge to those that wish to discuss their projects and current issues and encourage you to avail of this service now. We are focused on value through the delivery of exceptional legal practice and are here to put our capabilities to work for you.

Boutique Lawyers is a top law firm in Melbourne that specialises in building and construction law. Our construction & property lawyers are well versed in handling disputes, permits and contracts. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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