Contract Litigation Insurance

The prospect of facing court and a legal battle is one that few people look forward to. It not only eats away at the time that could be spent working on your construction or building project, but it also takes a mental toll and a financial toll. What’s more, when faced with the potential of having to pay for the legal fees of your own team, as well as the possibility of having to cover those of the opposition also, this can really create a stressful situation.

However, here at Boutique Lawyers, we believe contract litigation insurance is a good choice for those that wish to take the financial sting out of a loss and make sure that you do not have to put other plans on hold to cover this unexpected blow.

We are a top law firm operating out of Melbourne, and we have been advising and working on behalf of clients across Victoria since 2012. In that time, we are proud to say that our win rate stands at 98%, which makes us the ideal choice for those that want a little more certainty when they undertake the services of legal professionals.

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Contract Litigation Insurance

Why Contract Litigation Insurance in Beneficial 

Nobody goes into court expecting that they will lose, because if they did, then they really are just throwing their money away and wasting their own time. Here at Boutique Lawyers, all of the cases that we undertake are ones that we are confident we can win. However, where the client is concerned, they often like to purchase contract litigation insurance to protect against the possibility of losing the case and having to pay their opponent’s legal fees.

This insurance policy is only acquired once a lawsuit is filed and while the benefits speak for themselves in terms of the financial security, there are also other considerations worth listing that make it a smart investment that could impact on how the case develops and is settled.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we appreciate that money is something that will always play on people’s minds. In court, this is particularly true, and those that you are arguing against understand that there is a concern on your part that if you lose you may have to settle all legal bills.

As such, when you are battling against someone that has much deeper pockets and can afford to lose, though they don’t want to either, they can press on that weak spot and force a settlement, leveraging their position to their advantage. Having contract litigation insurance removes this possibility and the fear of excessive legal fees being demanded should you lose.

Achieving Positive Results for You

Losing a legal battle is a tough blow to accept, but having the appropriate protection in place to prevent that loss being compounded by the addition of your adversary’s legal fees at least ensures that you can walk away and are only expected to cover your own legal team’s fees, assuming there is no other settlement required.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we encourage those that wish to discuss contract litigation insurance to get in touch and avail of our free 30-minute consultation. If we believe that your case is one that we could help you win, then we will be happy to accept and start working toward adding you to the long list of clients that we have successfully achieved positive results for.

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