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Boutique Lawyers offers guaranteed Conveyancing Services – we will only charge you $220 if your property doesn’t sell.

Boutique Lawyers offers a fixed fee as well as a guarantee to charge you only our out of pockets if your property doesn’t sell (if no owners corporation certificate is required). Don’t lose a sale because you haven’t prepared your section 32!

We guarantee that we will have your section 32 for you within 24 hours of the request for certificates being made. If the receiving authority doesn’t act on your behalf you will receive 50% off our fixed fee price (provided that you provide our office with a copy of an active Owner’s Corporation Certificate, or Building Permit if this applies to your property).

We won’t charge you for our services until your property has sold and should your property fail to sell we will only charge you $220 (+ owners corporation certificate if applicable)

Conveyancing Lawyers

Whether you are buying or selling a property, you will inevitably be faced with the conveyance process, and require the experience and knowledge of a skilled professional to ensure a steady and smooth transition and change of ownership. While many folks will seek out the assistance of a conveyancer, there are many more benefits associated with retaining the services of a conveyance lawyer. Not only will you have a professional that is well-versed in this area, but you will also have the backing of a legal team that may be able to support you in other aspects of your buying or selling.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are one of the preeminent boutique law firm that those living in Melbourne and its environs turn to when they want to draw on considerable experience that has delivered a 98% success rate since its inception in 2012. Not only are we lawyers, but we are focused solely on building and construction law, which makes us the ideal and smart choice for those facing or currently involved in the contractual complexities associated with the property conveyancing industry.

Benefits of Using a Law Firm

At Boutique Lawyers, we believe that our team are the best choice for those that need a conveyancer, simply because you can potentially kill two birds with one stone. Having the resources and knowledge of a law firm that is focused on building and construction law at your disposal opens up many more opportunities to sort out other aspects of the contract, or the development without having to research and undertake the services of an additional firm elsewhere. Consolidating all of your legal requirements under one roof saves you time and money.

Those that undertake the services of a conveyancer in Melbourne may come to learn that they are not allowed to give legal advice in terms of the contract that you have before you. What’s more, they are not qualified to do so, which means that in their hands you may be faced with having to hire a legal professional, in any case, should the transaction require a more in-depth exploration.

Time is everything when you are acquiring or hoping to sell your property, and so it is imperative that should progress be halted at any point due to a legal issue, you have a solution at hand that can help you overcome the obstacle quickly and without any major loss of time.

This is particularly true of those that are undertaking major projects that inevitably will necessitate conditions to the contract that only a skilled lawyer will be able to proof, discuss and help you to approve or revise. Protecting your investment, or sale, and ensuring that all legal aspects are covered safeguards you and mean peace of mind for the future.

Focusing Our Resources on Your Positive Outcome

Where much larger firms may have the brand prestige that national or even global expansion affords them, at Boutique Lawyers we have a singular focus on our niche area of interest and are very selective in terms of the projects that we undertake. This means that for our clients, we focus our resources on delivering a positive outcome for you, and with a fixed-fee pricing system in place, this allows you the luxury of a professional team that is not billing you by the hour.

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So, for conveyancing lawyers that you can depend on to deliver the results you need and a level of professionalism and personalised service that you expect, look no further than the legal team here at Boutique Lawyers.

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Property Services we offer:

  • Sales and Purchases of General Law Land
  • Lodgements and Withdrawal of Caveats
  • Transfer of Ownerships
  • Subdivisions
  • Refinances
  • Removal of Restrictive Covenants
  • Application for Lost Title
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Options to Purchase Land
  • Commercial Leases

As part of our service, we will attend to all:

  • Title and Property Searches;
  • Transfer Documents;
  • Caveats;
  • Statement of Adjustments;
  • Discharge of Mortgage;
  • Settlement; and
  • Registration and Stamp Duty.

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