Debt Recovery

Recover Your Debts Quickly & Fairly.

Unfortunately, winning a case doesn’t mean the other side is going to step up and pay—at least not without some persuasion.

If we win your case and the other side doesn’t pay, we will chase payment until we get it for you.

Boutique Lawyers will help you check the terms and specifications in the contract so that everyone has the same expectations from the outset – minimising any disputes. Because we’re a team of dedicated and focused building contract lawyers with decades of combined experience with the Melbourne building industry, we’ve seen just about every possible variation on contract terms and conditions.

We can translate your contract into plain English, and let you know just what should be happening at each stage, or draft conditions to protect your interests whether you’re the owner or the builder. If you encounter any issues, we can communicate with the other parties on your behalf and ensure that a fair solution is reached as quickly as possible.

Debt recovery for building works.

Where there are defective or incomplete works on a commercial project, or payment is outstanding and negotiations have failed, making an application to VCAT is your next step. They can award damages and their ruling is binding. But that doesn’t mean getting your hands on the money is always easy.

We can help you with:

  • Letters of demand
  • Starting legal proceedings
  • Issuing statutory demands and getting orders for the appointment of liquidators (when you’re dealing with companies)
  • Issuing bankruptcy notices and arranging getting orders for the appointment of bankruptcy trustees (when you’re dealing with individuals)
  • Arranging enforcement warrants and enforcement hearings or making domestic building insurance claims.

Recovering money from your builder.

If you’re owed money by a builder or you have defective or incomplete building work, you can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for damages.

VCAT will make a ruling on how much is owed and their ruling is binding. We can help ensure you receive what you’re entitled to by preparing your VCAT application so your case is as strong as possible. We’ll represent you at tribunal hearings and recover the damages awarded to you.

If you’re owed money for your building work we can help you use Security of Payment Claim (SOP) to ensure you get paid, or help you make an application to VCAT or the Courts.

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