Leases & Licences

The commercial and retail leasing environment in Victoria is constantly evolving, as are the expectations of landlords and tenants.

While it’s important to act quickly when leasing opportunities arise, it’s easy to run into trouble. Something as simple as using the wrong form of lease can leave you exposed to terms that don’t work in your favour and costs you weren’t expecting.

We can give you fast, effective advice so you can act quickly to make the most of the current leasing environment without leaving yourself exposed when things change down the track.

Our leasing services include:

  • Preparing leasing documents for landlords and tenants
  • Negotiating heads of agreement
  • Disputes between tenants and landlords
  • Leases for shopping centres, commercial premises and industrial sites
  • Lease renewals or negotiating amendments to your current lease
  • Lease assignments, surrenders and subleases
  • Car parking and storage arrangements
  • Signage, naming rights, fitout agreements and other incentives
  • Protecting you from personal property security claims for regarding fixtures and fittings to your premises.

When to get in touch with us:

  • You need to prepare a lease or you’re planning to sign one
  • You’re nearing the end of your lease or you’d like to change the terms of your lease
  • Your landlord goes broke – we protect you from mortgagee sale so that your business can continue to operate from the premises
  • You are issued with a Building Notice – we can ensure the right party complies with it and you are not exposed to losses or even criminal charges for failure to comply
  • Your tenant or landlord breaches their lease agreement – we can recover damages that occur as a result
  • You are unlawfully locked out of your premises – we can apply for injunctive relief to get you back into your business premises.

While most landlord and tenant relationships start out on the right note, it’s not uncommon for the relationship to get off track.

Tenants’ businesses fail, landlords go broke and markets change. The right legal advice can help you effectively manage the inevitable ebbs and flows of the Victorian retail, commercial and industrial leasing market.

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