Major Domestic Building Contracts

Domestic Building Contracts: It’s All In The Small Print.

Whether it’s your own home, a development or an investment property, starting a domestic building contract is an exciting time. But while some projects run seamlessly, most experience challenges along the way.


We’ve been involved in hundreds of domestic building contracts. And along the way, we’ve seen far too many homeowners, builders and developers left short changed, with issues that could have been prevented earlier.

If you want to avoid expensive and stressful disputes, talk to us to about how to make sure your project is built on time and on budget.

Successful domestic building projects rely on good foundations.

Once you’ve chosen a builder for your project, you’ll need to sign a Domestic Building Contract.

Contracts are usually prepared by your builder and outline the scope of your domestic building works, progress payments to be made (if it’s a fixed fee major Domestic Building Contract), provisional sums, “prime” costs, liquidated damages and the list goes on.

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Major Domestic Building Contract

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It’s complicated.

Understanding your contract is no small feat – they often contain a lot of technical and legal terms. Yet, it’s vital that you understand what all the terms mean before taking pen to paper.

You also need to make sure your contract complies with the Major Domestic Contracts Act (Vic) 1995 if your project value is over $16,000.

We’ll take you through your contract, explaining all the terms in plain English, and suggest any additional ones that you may need, so there’s no chance of your builder taking you for a ride.

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