Who we work with.

Bigger isn’t always better…

We are a small, boutique law firm – and that means we don’t work with everyone who walks through our door. But if we do work with you, you will get the attention, resources and expertise your case deserves.

100% Focussed on Your Success

We want to make sure we have the time to focus 100% on your needs, to go above and beyond your expectations.

We work with the following people:

Homeowners, builders, owner builders, owners corporation, property developers, business owners or individuals who need advice or representation.

Builders, owner builders, homeowners, developers, owners corporation, business owners or companies who have a contract or property dispute, a debt owing to them, an insurance matter, who are buying or selling property or have a building dispute.

Builders, business owners, companies, homeowners, owners corporation or property developers who are entering into a Domestic Building Contract or who have entered or terminated their Domestic Building Contract, have a building dispute, debt outstanding to them or a property or insurance matter.

Builders, homeowners, owners corporation, owner builders, business owners, companies or property developers who wish to obtain legal advice in relation to a dispute they may have, obtain advice on a contract, protect their interest and property, have a debt matter, building matter or property matter.

Builders, homeowners, owners corporation, owner builders, companies, business owners or property developers who are good, honest people who we can represent with pride.

Individuals who are owed money, wish to right a wrong, have their interest and property protected or have a contractual or partnership dispute.

Need to speak to a dedicated building and construction lawyer in Melbourne?

Contact us today on 1300 556 140 for a free 30 minute consultation and we’ll be happy to help with any legal questions you may have. If we can’t help you, we’ll refer you to one of our reputable partners that can.