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For the majority of people, it makes financial sense and is a much more realistic proposition to hire building contractors to build the house that they will live in for the majority of their life. However, what has become increasingly popular in recent years is the idea of becoming an owner builder. Melbourne is not immune from this trend with plenty of resourceful and crafty property owners choosing to undertake the building and planning work for their home.

However, while this is a very attractive proposition and does not necessitate you actually doing the physical labour, it is still important to consider the legal side associated with taking this particular plunge.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are the go-to professionals for those that wish to determine exactly what will be expected of them, what paperwork they must complete, and how to do so, in an effective and efficient manner so that they can complete their dream build on schedule.

Our legal focus is building and construction law, which means that we have been through this process many times already and understand the requirements and can talk our clients through each step and assist them. 

Owner Builders in Melbourne

Why You Need an Owner Builder Contract

While the idea of handling the whole process yourself is romantic and attractive, those that wish to save time and spare themselves the steep learning curve should delegate the heavy lifting on the legal side of things to seasoned lawyers that can keep the schedule on track by ensuring that once paperwork is filed it goes through without any issues that could have been avoided. As such, there are a few basic things worth noting for those that want to know how to become an owner builder.

First of all, taking this route essentially means that you intend to live in the property that you are building and are not developing it with a view to selling. That is, this is not the route that will apply to those that wish to create something as an investment for their future.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we believe that because this will inevitably become your home, your involvement in the constructive, restoration or renovation your focus will likely be on the actual physical completion of the property, and so it is important to have a dedicated team looking after the owner builder contract.

A certificate of consent will likely be required as well as a building permit before you even break ground and for those that plan to undertake the services of a building contractor to complete the work under your supervision, a contract will be required. And, assuming that you successfully complete the build, an occupy permit will then be required.

Protect Your Dream Build and Your Investment

All paperwork is vital to finally being able to live in a home that you can thereafter proudly claim as of your own design and making, and with the team at Boutique Lawyers on your side, this can become a reality.

So, for those that are undertaking this incredibly exciting and challenging proposition and require an owner builder guide and the kind of legal assistance that could protect their investment and ensuring that every step of the process is completed in accordance with best practices, seek out the team here at Boutique Lawyers.

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