Owner Builder Permits

Those that choose to strike out on their own and adopt a hands-on approach to the mammoth task of developing and building their own home must be admired for their daring and bravery. However, while the idea of simply acquiring the materials and starting a build is a nice dream, the reality is that before a single thing can happen on the site, there are a number of important documents that must be obtained.

The owner builder permit system in Victoria is in place to make this a reality, but it is always advisable to seek legal assistance when approaching all permit applications and submissions because you don’t want to lose or waste time if at all possible.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are the people that you should come and see. Our dedication to building and construction law specifically makes us the ideal choice for those that want the best in their field to work with them and ensure that all the I’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.

Owner Builders Permits

Things to Know About Permits 

In terms of what can be expected on a basic level, those trying to determine how to apply for owner builder permits have a couple of things that they will absolutely need before they are ever able to break ground or move into the completed structure.

Initially, a Certificate of Consent must be acquired and once this is in hand, you will need to make the appropriate application for a building permit. While a building surveyor will be needed up front, having a law firm working side-by-side with you when you make your permit submission could prove to be the difference between being granted the building permit or not.

At Boutique Lawyers, we have spent countless hours working on permit submissions for those living in Melbourne and across Victoria and so we understand what is expected and what can be done prior to submitting to ensure that you get that document and can start work.

Once all the heavy lifting is done and you have a structure in place, you will need to an occupancy permit. This final check is in place to make sure that the building is fit for purpose and passes health and safety requirements. This can be granted prior to the completion of some minor works on the building, so it is important that you have a law firm to return to should your builder fail to meet the terms of their contract and not complete their work.

Focus on What You’re Best At 

As you can see, becoming an owner builder is not a simple and straight-forward route to having your dream home, but with the right legal team to your back the process can be streamlined and made that little bit simpler. Our focus on the legal side of things can free you up to get through the planning and physical side of the construction and is, therefore, an investment in peace of mind as well as time.

So, whether you are starting out or mired in permit applications, get in touch with the team here at Boutique Lawyers today and let’s move things forward so that you can live the dream a little faster.

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