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Property, whether that is a home, a garage, a residential building or a commercial office space will undoubtedly be the major expense incurred by the vast majority of people in their lifetime. Significant planning and development are needed, and then in the wake of taking ownership of the keys, there will always be a few issues that crop up that may stem from the work carried out.

As such, it is essential that those starting out, or in the midst of a dispute seek out a property lawyer which Melbourne residents, property developers, owners corporations, owner-builders and companies have trusted to provide value and certainty since 2012.

At Boutique Lawyers, we are that law firm and our passion to deliver exceptional results for our clients knows no bounds. We believe in taking on cases and issues that we believe we can win and we are dedicated to delivering the kind of individualised service that only comes from undertaking fewer clients.

How Property Lawyers Can Make A Real Difference

Since this is going to be a major investment that you will likely be repaying for many years to come, it is vital that you get the kind of attention to detail upfront that will minimise the need for property dispute lawyers later on. As such, those that are undertaking the purchase of a property are advised to engage the services of a property lawyer to ensure that the best legal advice is at your fingertips.

It is often the case that those buying a property look at the whole and assume that it all applies and is included in the price that they are paying. However, in truth, unless you dig into the details or ask the right questions, then it is likely that there are parts of the property that are not included in the sale price and therefore may come as an unpleasant shock once you take ownership.

What’s more, on the flip side of this, those that are selling their property need to make sure that their rights are upheld throughout the process and that they understand what is required and when over the course of the transaction. There are also taxation issues to take into consideration for those that complete the sale of their home or premises, and understanding this is essential.

Having a property development lawyer such as the team here at Boutique Lawyers working alongside you while you draft contracts is also a must regardless of whether you are a private homeowner or a major contractor. Every aspect of the contract must be airtight with respect to what you expect and are willing to agree to, and so having the assurance that your interests have been met is the kind of peace of mind that you cannot put a price on.

Working Tirelessly To Achieve Your Goals

At Boutique Lawyers, not only are we highly versed in all areas of building and construction law, but our approach is effectiveness over efficiency. This works to the benefit of our clients first and foremost and promises them that we will work tirelessly to achieve what they wish each and every time, instead of focusing on getting the job done fast.

Our fixed fee pricing system ensures that you know what you will pay for the work we do and enables both you and our team to focus our combined efforts on the task at hand. As such, those wishing to retain the services of a lawyer for their property or a property that they wish to acquire need to look no further. We look forward to working with you and delivering the kind of results you always wanted from a law firm.

Boutique Lawyers is a top law firm in Melbourne that specialises in building and construction law. Our construction & property lawyers are well versed in handling disputes, permits and contracts. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.
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