Release the financial equity in your property with subdivision.

We can help you prior to purchasing land or if you are already the owner of land with your subdivision. If you haven’t purchased the land yet you may want to consider whether you enter into an option to purchase agreement to ascertain whether the subdivision would be approved by council.

Before you proceed with a subdivision the zoning of the land should be carefully reviewed by a lawyer or town planner. Nearly all land is subject to a planning scheme administered by a planning authority which is council.

Zoning and Planning Scheme

The Planning scheme will then provide you with the information your require with regards to the land and what is currently acceptable to be undertaken or performed on the land in the zone and in some cases you will be prohibited from subdividing the land.  The process of obtaining consent to the subdivision from the authority can be lengthy if you are seeking to have the land rezoned and the planning scheme amended. If you plan for this risk and delays you are more likely to reduce your risk and losses.

Planning permit

Prior to applying for a subdivision you must obtain planning approval from the relevant authority so that you can consider whether the conditions of the planning permit and the development is a viable investment.

Conditions Placed on your Planning Permit

The Authority may place conditions on your planning permit such as the number of dwellings you are able to erect, the height and size of the dwellings, landscaping, preservation of trees, the creation of an owners corporation, requirement for open space or payment of 5% of the land value.

Section 173 Agreements

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Voluntary Planning Agreement) the Authority may require you to enter into an agreement which extend past the completion of the subdivision.

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