Nobody ever wants to end up in a dispute with their builder while the construction of their home is underway. Everybody involved appreciates just how important it is to stay on schedule and that time really does mean money for every lost hour and day. However, there are always disputes that simply cannot be resolved by sitting down together and working it out and so in some situations VCAT building disputes are undertaken to determine an outcome.

Those that are facing or in the midst of a dispute with their builder are encouraged to seek out appropriate legal advice, and there is no better place in Melbourne or Victoria to do so than right here at Boutique Lawyers.

We are construction and property lawyers that have extensive experience in this regard and can shepherd you through the process and work toward getting the outcome that you want. We have been in operation since 2012 and in that time we have generated a 98% win rate. As such, with us fighting in your corner, you have a much greater chance at succeeding in your appeal.

We leave nothing to chance and work all the hours required to make sure of this, and the fact that we do not bill by the hour, pre-litigation or pre-court proceedings means that you don’t have to watch the clock, and we can focus on getting the job done right.

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How Disputes Arise 

Professional advice should never be discounted or fobbed off as an unnecessary part of the planning and development process. What we have seen in many cases here at Boutique Lawyers are disputes that arise from a lack of understanding of the original contract that was put in place. Conditions, as well as rights and responsibilities, should be explained and broken down in full to those that are about to sign so that they fully understand what they are committing to.

Furthermore, problems often arise as a result of the failure to correctly administer the contract and deliver it in a timely manner. When left to administrative staff at contractor companies, or in the hands of you the developer, things can slide, given that there are a million other things that need to be done as well. However, with appropriate building and construction representation working for you, we can ensure that things move along swiftly and this makes all the difference in avoiding VCAT building disputes.

The process is more complicated now, which means that more time is required before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal sees your case. Most domestic building disputes are referred to the DBDRV before VCAT proceedings are issued. As such, taking measures to safeguard against this entire process makes complete sense and could save everyone time, money and stress.

Working Tirelessly for You

Those that wish to make applications to the VCAT domestic building list and are uncertain as to what is required and involved in the process should get in touch with the team here at Boutique Lawyers. Our in-depth knowledge of all application procedures and our comprehensive understanding of building and construction law makes us the one-stop shop for all legal matters related to the building of your home.

As such, we offer a 30-minute free consultation to those that wish to discuss their issue and this will afford us the opportunity to determine whether we are the right fit for the work, and can deliver the results that you wish. Once onboard, our focus is unrivalled and we will work tirelessly to get you the outcome that you desire.

Boutique Lawyers is a top law firm in Melbourne that specialises in building and construction law. Our construction & property lawyers are well versed in handling disputes, permits and contracts. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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