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Boutique Lawyers is focused on providing value and certainty — we represent and provide advice to Melbourne homeowners, builders, property developers, owners corporations, owner-builders, companies and individuals in building disputes, contract law, planning and property law.

Building and Construction Lawyers

There are so many aspects to building any property that consume the minds of those involved that sometimes the paperwork is overlooked in terms of the specific legalities that are being signed up to. Of course, not everybody can be expected to have in-depth knowledge of the law, and so for those that wish to have the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with knowing all those t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted it makes sense to seek out building and construction lawyers.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are a small but highly effective team that is dedicated to providing exceptional service to those that are facing a legal challenge over their building or construction project. Based in Melbourne, our team is comprised of experienced lawyers and legal professionals with the experience that assures our clients’ confidence and a sense of stability during what might otherwise be highly stressful times.

Benefits of Boutique Property Law Firms

The global downturn a few years back changed the landscape not only in business but also for those involved in law. Once it seemed like the only choice when you wanted some sense of certainty about the outcome of a legal challenge was to go for the big names in the legal profession. However, the downturn resulted in many more lawyers being forced to strike out on their own. As such, boutique law firms have become a trend and an alternative to the major names that have proven their ability to deliver major wins for clients in Melbourne and beyond.

The reason for this popular shift is primarily down to the level of service a client can expect. Here at Boutique Lawyers, our small team are focused on one key area of law, which means that our knowledge is extensive in this specific regard. Having a team with an in-depth understanding of the area in which you need assistance and that do not have to service the needs of countless other clients, ensures that you get an individualised service that is tailored to your specific agenda.

While many commercial law firms of this nature may try to focus on being highly efficient, the team here at Boutique Lawyers are much more interested in delivering an effective service for our clients. Naturally, given the fact that our team is smaller than that of a major firm, we do not have quite the same overheads, but our desire to maintain high standards as building lawyers drive us to find the best route to a positive outcome, regardless of whether it takes more or less time.

Free 30-Minute Consultation Available

At Boutique Lawyers, we believe that it is important for our firm to work with clients to whom we can deliver the desired results. As such, we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation to assess your situation and determine whether we are a good fit for what it is you want to achieve.

Our commitment to you as a client means that we are 100% dedicated to providing value and certainty and with our fixed-fee billing format, you will know exactly where you stand in terms of costs. So, for the best building lawyers Melbourne has to offer, why not give us a call or drop us a line here at Boutique Lawyers today?

As one of Melbourne’s boutique law firms that focuses on building and construction law, our property development lawyers are well versed in handling disputes, permits and contracts. Browse our website for further information or reach out to our team by calling 1300 556 140 today.

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01 | Our passion.

We will fight with passion and purpose. We’re built on results.

02 | Our philosophy.

We will be selective about who we represent. Rest assured, if we work with you – we are 100% dedicated to your success.

03 | Our standards.

We will maintain the highest standards and quality by serving fewer clients.

04 | Our success.

We have the runs on the board, with a 98% win rate, we will win for you. *Conditions apply

05 | Our drive.

We will always value effectiveness over efficiency. Efficiency itself, unless it contributes to a meaningful outcome, is not enough.

06 | Our value.

We will bill fairly on a *fixed-fee basis for value—there will be no surprises. *Note: Fixed-fee billing model is strictly prior to litigation and court proceedings.

07 | Our focus.

We are relentless and focused on achieving the best outcome.

08 | Our commitment.

We work with good people who deserve a great result.

09 | Our honesty.

We will deliver you the results you paid for, when you expect them & for your agreed fee.

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Our main focus is building and construction law, building contracts and disputes, property and planning, conveyancing, contract law, litigation, insurance and debt recovery matters. We offer our advice and services on a *fixed-price basis (prior to litigation and court proceedings). This means that you’ll always be able to budget, and we can focus on getting the best possible result for you – no clock-watching, just hard work.

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“Had a legal dispute with my builder. Engaged with Olivia and the team at Boutique Lawyers. They were extremely friendly, helpful, supportive and knowledgeable in relation to my matter. Would highly recommend for a building and construction dispute!” – K Smith

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