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Are you searching for a lawyer for property disputes in Melbourne? Do you need help to get your building project back on track? If your project isn’t going according to plan, call Boutique Lawyers.

Our team of lawyers for building disputes will handle all of your paperwork and other details involving your contract—because if you don’t handle it correctly from the outset, you may not have the success you deserve.

We’ll go above & beyond your expectations:

Our team of experienced, professional lawyers for building disputes in Melbourne will support you every step of the way.

We go above and beyond other residential building dispute lawyers in Melbourne, to deliver a service that genuinely reduces stress and minimises delays for our clients.

This includes, but is not limited to, a fixed price based on value to you that covers everything that needs to be done in your matter. All you need to do is provide the information, consider our quote or discuss a fee that is right for you and let our property dispute lawyers handle your matter with confidence, efficiency and professionalism.

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Building Dispute Lawyers

If you are currently in the midst of a building dispute or have discovered a fault in the building or construction of a structure on your property that you believe needs to be resolved, then it is important to seek out the best possible information and legal representation. While this implies countless thousand dollars racked up in ‘by the hour’ legal fees, this is not necessarily always the case.

The structure of the Australian legal market has changed over the past decade and with boutique law firms those that previously felt that the law was unaffordable now have an alternative ready, willing and able to put their extensive legal skills to work on their behalf.

Here at Boutique Lawyers, we are one such law firm. Since 2012, our small but highly effective team has worked alongside many Australians just like you and we have been able to achieve for them what we could also achieve for you. We are a customer-centric firm and we like to keep things simple and transparent so that you can take your mind off the fees, and we can keep our focus on doing what we do best.

To this end, our fixed-fee prices make the pre-litigation and pre-court process a much more affordable and manageable part of the financial undertaking for those in a dispute with a builder and once we are on-board to work on your behalf, you can rest assured that we will represent you to the best of our abilities. What’s more, we will deliver the kind of hands-on service that will enable you to approach the dispute with absolute confidence.

Why an Experienced Legal Team is Important

As we all know, building disputes can arise from the most unlikely of places, but that perceived violation of the contract that was signed is all it takes to either halt the works that are happening on your property. However, in some cases, it is in the early stages that such issues can be eradicated and this is where retaining the services of a niche law firm can pay off in the long run.

Where the conditions of the contract are not fully understood, or delays are experienced in their delivery as a result of administrative failures, then having a dedicated go-to representative to tackle the problem ensures that it is resolved up-front, and no surprises should follow later on.

Building dispute lawyers are well-versed in quickly assessing the contract issues that may have sparked an issue between the parties concerned, and so are an ideal way to minimising the delays that could be experienced by an over and back argument between you and the builder you hired.

A negotiation could be all that is required to move things forward, or it may require a much more in-depth approach that requires more time. Regardless, having the support and experience of a legal team that has vast knowledge at its disposal and understand how to bring the matter to a successful conclusion is essential.

Our Melbourne Property Dispute Lawyers Want to Win Your Dispute

At Boutique Lawyers, builder disputes are just one aspect of the work that we carry out. Our success rate of 98% speaks for itself. However, we want to make sure that when you hire our team, we can win on your behalf. As such, if we do not believe that there is anything we can do for you, then we will not accept the case. However, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to anyone that wishes to discuss their case, and from there we can begin to determine exactly what is realistic and we hope that this will mean achieving your goals.

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Residential Building Lawyers

Do you require a residential dispute lawyer?

Our team of residential property lawyers for homeowners, builders, owner builders, owners corporation and developers can also help you before you enter into a domestic contract or subcontract by making sure you work with someone who is well qualified and dependable.

Owners Corporation Lawyers

At Boutique Lawyers, we provide professional advice and legal services on all managerial issues that arise from ownership of common properties, including residential, retail, industrial or commercial properties.

We acknowledge owners corporation responsibilities, mismanagement of power, and maintenance of common properties. We can also provide legal guidance on your rights and liabilities.

If you’re enduring a dispute as an owners corporation, our team of lawyers in Melbourne can help resolve your issues.

Rectification Orders

If you’ve hired a builder that’s supplied defective, incomplete or damaged work, a Rectification Order allows you to escalate your case to the Victorian Building Authority.

This legislation ensures your builders are accountable for the work they supply – and for you to seek legal rectification if you’re facing a dispute.

Our team can support you in your Rectification Order application, ensuring you maximise your chances of success in resolving your issues. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us for professional legal advice.

Free Consultation

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